Quinta Vale de Lobos

Award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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- The Santos Lima family 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been produced at the Vale de Lobos Estate since the 18th century. The Quinta, now owned by the Santos Lima family, once belonged to a famous Portuguese writer Alexandro Herculano, in the 1870's. Herculano produced at Vale de Lobos the finest Portuguese olive oil of his time. Located 70 km north of Lisbon, in the heart of the RIbatejo region, the Quinta Vale de Lobos has 95 hectares of olive groves and a total of 150,000 olive trees of 5 different varieties. Galega, Cobrançosa, Alberquina, Picual and Blanqueta.

The Quinta Vale de Lobos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of oils extracted exclusively from the varieties of olives grown on this family-owned estate. The colour of the oil is golden yellow with a touch of green. The flavour is very fruity and fresh with hints of apples, pears, green tomatoes and almonds, ending with a light pepper finish. 

The Quinta Vale de Lobos Extra Virgin Olive Oils are sold in several prestigious Gourmet and Speciality Food stores in the world, namely Fortnum & Mason's in London and Whole Foods in the US.

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Quinta Vale de Lobos, Azoia de Baixo, Portugal